Waterfall Closed Rise Stairs

We do modern closed rise stairs. The supporting structure is hidden inside the stair body. In a more enclosed space, like a basement, a closed rise waterfall stair or a stair that resembles the main staircase; open rise stair may be used.

Waterfall stairs consist of a straight under mount structure and ¾” thick wood top folding in a zig zag pattern. Stringers are hidden inside the under-mount structure, which is usually painted in the same color as the wall to accentuate the wooden zig zag form.

Expected Pricing

  • up to 42" wide, flat cut oak 600.00/step
  • quarter cut oak add 45.00/ step
  • walnut add 65.00/step
  • landing up to 42" x 42" flat cut oak 1,400.00
  • quarter cut oak add 120.00
  • walnut add 200.00